"We are not storm chasers... We live here!"

Kelly Robl

Ross Lewis

Our Award Winning staff has over 150 years of combined experience!! Why trust your roof's with someone who just opened their business a week ago? We have been in business at the same location since 1988!

Jordan Robl


Senior Vice President- 23 Years of Experience

I started in the roofing industry in 1985, roofing soon became a passion and something I would build my livelihood on. In January of 1989 I started my own roofing business, M & R Roofing, Inc. M & R Roofing originated out of my house and quickly began to grow, in 1992 it grew into a rented location just down the street from our current location. We purchased our current location in 1994, and have been here and growing steadily ever since.
I enjoy the freedom roofing gives me to be in the outdoors and see all the beautiful sights we have in our great state, I have never been the type to sit in a cubicle behind a desk, although

Residential Estimator- 27 Years of Experience

 I have been in the roofing industry since moving to Colorado from Massachusetts in 1990. I worked for a roofing supply company for 23 years and now M & R roofing which gives me experience in many phases of the roofing industry. I enjoy my job here at M & R as I get to work for a great company with dedicated employees and the general public in my role as Job Coordinator. I work on jobs from start to finish and make sure the customer is satisfied with not only their new roof but the quality and craftsmanship of our roofing technicians. In my spare time I enjoy Hockey and snowboarding and the beautiful Colorado outdoors.  

Kelly Robl staff picture M & R Roofing, office manager standing in her office

Tom (T.C.) Cook

Tom Cook staff picture M & R Roofing, roofer standing in his office
Matt Robl staff picture M & R Roofing, roofer standing in his office

Jake Robl

Jordan Robl staff picture M & R Roofing,office manager standing in her office
Ross Lewis staff picture M & R Roofing, roofer standing in his office

Matt Robl 

Project Coordinator and Manager- 9 Years of Experience

I’m 24 years old, I have been in the roofing industry since I was 15, during the summer, and full time since I graduated from Front Range Christian High school when I was 18. I enjoy manual labor and being outside at a new place all the time. I love the outdoors, I hunt and fish  with my dad and brother all the time. Sports are also very important to me, I played football and baseball through elementary school and high school, and I still play softball.


Senior Office Manager- 3 Years of Experience

 It was not until recently that I was able to be more involved in the everyday life of M & R. For the last 23 years I was home raising and homeschooling our four children, three whom have flown the nest. Our youngest is still home with us, but is frequently in the office with us. I love  spending time with my family, cooking, reading, traveling and being outside in the sunshine.

company where I began my experience into Government work.  Here is where I became the first roofing contractor to sell and install a liquid roofing system and thin film solar array into the liquid roof system at the United States Air Force Academy totaling over .600 of a Mega Watt. During this time I had received specialized training in the US Army Corp of Engineers for QA/QC (Quality Control/ Quality Assurance) for construction projects. After installing multiple types of roofing systems for the US Government throughout the United States I chose to move on and into the roofing technical side of the industry; during this shot stent I gained a vast knowledge of liquid roofing applications for roof restoration systems. This knowledge has helped my get to where I am today, here at M & R Roofing. Currently I operate the Liquids Division for the company as well as our Roof Asset Management Program (R.A.M.P.). As for the personal side of things I am a father of three amazing young men who have chosen different paths than myself for employment. The eldest son is a manager in the retail world for a national chain, my middle son, is a Soldier for the United States of America and my youngest boy is currently in his senior year in college at CSU Pueblo, playing baseball. Also I am a grandfather of two beautiful little girls who just so happen to own me. I enjoy baseball, golf, coaching and cooking but most of all my Loved Ones who are my life, and who make me a better man, father, grandfather, friend and person each day.

it seems that is all I do now. I enjoy creating not only a functional roof but a very aesthetically pleasing roof to as well. I love a good challenge, and roofing definitely is very challenging, not only physically, but mentally. Creating something that protects people and their possessions from the elements is very rewarding to me. It is great  to look back at the end of the day, and see something you built with your hands, and knowing that you help protect people as well. We have helped on many projects, including several Habitat for humanity homes, and have helped many elderly individuals and low income persons with projects that they could not have afforded on their own. We have also worked with the CRA (Colorado roofing association) on community projects as well. We are proud sponsors of the Wounded Warriors assoc. and have been for several years. It gives me great joy to be able to help others and give back to our community, whenever possible. I am very proud of the fact that we strive extremely hard to satisfy each and every one of our customers as best that we can. We are Gold Star members of the BBB as well.

Chris Donato staff picture M & R Roofing, roofer standing in his office
Jake Robl staff picture M & R Roofing, roofer standing in his office


Vice President of Sales- 28 Years of Experience

I am currently co-owner with Matt and TC. I started roofing in 1981, during the summers while in high school. I have continually educated myself since the 1980’s in the roofing industry from Residential Roofing to Commercial/Industrial Roofing; I now specialize in Flat Roof restorations too. In the mid 1990’s I started Roof Tec, LLC in Cedar City UT, where it is still in operation today. I left the company in 2000’s to return to Colorado and to be close to my family. As time went by I had joined with a top rated roofing company here in Colorado as a repair manager and later moved onto an 8(a), WOSB roofing 


Senior Vice President- 24 Years of Experience

I currently co-own M & R Roofing, Inc. with the Matt Robl, who started the company in 1989. We promote all residential and commercial roofing, restoration and repair; in both steep and low-slope roof systems. I am an expert in roofing and water-proofing, I have over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry and I am also a board member of the CRA (Colorado Roofing Association) Education Committee. In my spare time I enjoy any type of water sports, Golf, Hunting and travel… but most of all, my family...that's is at the top of my fav’s!

Chris Donato

Office Manager- 6 Years of Experience

I have grown up around M & R Roofing my whole life, whether I would go to work with mom for the day when I was little or when I worked here a few days in the summers as a teenager. I have 4 ½ years of customer service experience under my belt, between working in a pottery studio in high school to becoming a waitress at a breakfast café after I graduated Platte Canyon High school in 2013. In my free time I enjoy cooking, drawing, reading, spending time with my pets, friends, and family.