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Your roof is damaged.  You need a new one and now you have to figure out how to file an insurance claim but don’t know how to navigate through the process. 

Are you on the fence between a couple of roofers? Read all our great testimonials and find out what sets us apart from the rest! Our customers LOVE us!

Not sure what a shingle is? A synthetic slate? An APP Modified Bitunen? The pitch of a specific roof? 


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You know you need a new roof.  Now, what do you look for in a contractor? How do you know a good contractor from a bad contractor? 


Not sure what type of product you want? What products will go well on your home/business? 

What are you looking for? Residential?  Commercial?  Roof restoration systems and coatings?  Seamless gutters? 


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Choosing the ideal roof to protect what's inside your home and cover your family and/or business investments while enhancing the curb appeal from outside is a significant decision. Making sure you get the biggest "bang for your buck" also factors into this big decision. 

Whether you're replacing an existing roof or selecting materials for a new construction, the choices can be overwhelming and confusing.  That's where M&R Roofing, Inc. comes to the rescue. Our experienced team of professionals knows exactly what we're doing.  Please click on any tab below to learn and view more about why M&R Roofing, Inc. is the right roofing company for YOU!

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