"We are not storm chasers... We live here!"

Robert S. - 6/12/2014
M & R Roofing fixed my gutter problems and many small problems on my roof (June 2014). When they realized they had overestimated the job, they reduced the bill substantially from $1300 to $800. Now that's what I call honesty!

Chris S. 4/1/2016 

“M & R did an outstanding job re-roofing our home. We switched from asphalt shingles to concrete tile. They (M & R) added supports, and re-decked the entire roof to meet code requirements and did an amazing job installing the tile. From Matt and his managers that helped me make my decision to Ross, Jake, and the installation crew… everyone was knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and easy to work with. The finished product including my new roof and gutters look outstanding!”


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Dave L. - 1/6/2011
Replacement Roof
I needed my roof shingles replaced due to storm damage back in July so I began a two-week search for the right company. I checked the BBB, Tom Martino, and other sources for A+ reverse that had no complaints for the last 90 days. I came up with 5. Out of that five one could not do the job, two never returned my phone messages and one called back after the job was completed. The only one who calls back the same day was M&R. We set up an appointment for an estimate on Friday and he came out on Monday and then met my insurance agent and they looked over the roof together. He said they could start on 8:30 on Wednesday and they were here at 8:29 and finished Thursday at 3:30just like they promised. They explained every step of the job and allowed me to inspect the work as it went along. They cleaned up at the end of each day. I am recommending them to all my friends and family. My insurance agent added them to his preferred list as well.

Bob S. 5/24/2017

"It has been a pleasure working with you and your company.  The crews were great to work with.  Did the job well, worked very hard to beat the storm, kept the place cleaned up and provided good co-ordination. I will be pleased to provide referrals and references”.

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Carley F. - 4/3/2014

Wow there are some good contractors still left out there- M and R Roofing really helped me out. Not wanting to bother my Insurance Company      (or my premiums) for what I thought was going to be an easy patch, I originally had  the intent of just doing a small roof repair after one of  the Summer's typical hail storms. A small branch broke off a large tree in my yard and poked a nice little hole through the ugly dirt colored asphalt shingles and in between the roof slats of my 50+ year old home in Littleton. I searched the web and found that a lot of the big national roofing companies will tell you that " This time of year their business is primarily focused on big insurance jobs for entire roof replacement not small repairs". So back to the computer..... I searched for a local roofers and called M & R and asked if they did repairs. They said something like "yes, of course"..."glad to help"... Less than 2 hours later  a white M and R truck pulled up and John greeted me, tarped the area where the branch had fallen, took some pictures, and suggested I call the insurance company to file a claim. The Insurance adjuster did finally show up a few days later and John was right, there was significant hail damage , enough to have the Insurance company pay for the new roof. The hardest part of the process for me was working with the Insurance Company, luckily M and R helped with that.  When I did finally get the confusing paperwork from the insurance company I shared it with M and R and they pointed out some necessary missing items (some were building code required and some were unique to my particular roof).You'd think the insurance company would catch everything needed for the job but apparently they pay out less money if they miss some things..M and R offered to request the missing stuff from the insurance company directly. Then there's something called depreciation... Thankfully M and R  knew what to do and got the insurance to cover the damage to roof, siding and gutters. I even got to pick new colors for everything!

Thanks to everyone at M and R Roofing. From Carol in Littleton

Dave B. - 11/8/2010

​This review is about the process of replacing the entire roof of our house.

1. The bid was thorough and competitive. Wally explained everything and left behind plenty of literature about the product and their service.
2. The crew showed on time and the leader introduced himself. They obviously care about safety and almost no debris reached the ground but went straight into their trailer.
3. At the end of day two (a short day as the rain clouds are dropping water) they have removed all the old and replaced them with two under-layers. Again, all the debris magically disappear.
4. They returned when the weather improved and completed the roof. Again, clean area.
5. The City of Denver inspector approved the roof.
6. The final bill was for the amount quoted.
7. I am happy and would recommend M&R Roofing.

T.G.- 6/21/2014

I live in SE Aurora where there have been two major hail storms thus far, (May 2014)  so we've been inundated with calls and door-to-door sales for roofing estimates.  Fortunately, I'd already chosen this roofing contractor well before the first storm hit, knowing that our roof was already needing replacement.
       I did my 'homework' beforehand and spent several hours online and by phone shopping for a reliable roofing company.   Over the course of 3 weeks,  I had several of the top-rated Denver roofing companies each come by to give an estimate on replacing our roof, gutters and exterior facia. With each company's rep/salesperson,  my request was the same and after scrutinizing each company's proposal, M&R was way ahead of the pack by a long shot. I'm an extremely conscientious consumer when it comes to making a big-item purchase, so when it's something as significant as the roof to my home,  I want quality, reliability, professional service and a product that is going to last.
In comparison to the other folders of bids and estimates, M&R's work was much more efficient, focused and professional --- and...  (THE BIG BONUS!) --- they offered the most competitive price!  I wanted the best company in my search,  and M&R Roofing went right to thee top of the list. When their pricing was also the most competitive, that was a bonus!  (I would have chosen M&R even if they weren't the least expensive of the bunch!)  Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and go with that gut feeling when you're dealing with a potential contractor.   M&R sent a gentleman by the name of Marko - who truly made a concerted effort to ascertain every aspect of what needed to be done to complete my roofing project.  You can tell that Marko CARES about what he was doing and takes his work very seriously. 
          In comparison, one company's rep stood in my driveway and gave me a written estimate without even using a ladder to get on my roof!  Another climbed quickly to the edge of the roof to lift up a couple shingles, and another one simply measured the length of the house. Not surprisingly, Marko from M&R spent quite a bit of time on my roof taking measurements, making specific notes on the fireplace flashing, specific areas that needed attention, and making a complete inspection of all of the facia and items (front, back and sides) that needed to be replaced. Marko asked enough questions to know what my specific needs were, and he put together his proposal to specifically meet each of the incidentals I'd  mentioned. Bottom line is --- Marko KNOWS what he's doing! --- and his experience showed in every aspect of getting the job done.  While I was inclined to just go with his judgment on several color and material selections,  he was thorough and precise,  making sure that I understood  the exact product item and color/pattern selection.
              Marko's completed proposal was emailed to me as promised the following day.  He returned with shingle samples and brochures for the product I wanted. The proposal & contract were as precise and efficient as he had been, so the decision to move forward with M&R Roofing was a no-brainer.   M&R is good at what they do.  He mentioned another property in Capital Hill  that they were working on that I'd driven by the previous day, so I had the confidence that they were legitimately a solid company -- and the other home's roof  I'd seen simply reinforced that.
In every aspect of getting the job done, Marko informed me of the process and what would happen next.   The install day was within a two-day window the following week and I would be given a call by one of his teams (Doug's) as the install day approached.   No surprises!  and everything went off without a hitch! The M&R home office receptionist had pre-mailed their contract and billing information (and product warranty) , and all of the city permit paperwork had been correctly filed, posted and completed in advance of the install day. I was told that the time to complete the entire roof would be approximately a day and a half,  with  any allowances for unexpected weather, etc.
            On my install date, two men showed up at 8am and began the process of removing my old roof first thing that morning.   Before  noon,  the new materials were being put in place & a second crew of men arrived to begin work on the facia and gutters.I had to leave in the afternoon, and returned home at 6pm to find everything had been done.  Dead branches were trimmed that might damage the roof. It looked like a brand new home!  Doug's crew completed the entire project in less than 9 hours.  The yard & driveway were spotless &the roof, facia & gutters looked great! I can recommend M&R Roofing without hesitation -- and told Marko I was happy to have his company's sign in my yard for advertising. I told M&R I was very satisfied with their work - & happy to share my experience with any of their future customers looking for references. Great job M&R ! 10 stars!

Candy K. 11/25/2009 
You can trust this roofing company!
M&R Roofing did a wonderful job replacing our roof. I found them to be honest, trustworthy and hard-working. They also worked with our insurance company to get them to re-evaluate additional work that was not included in the insurance estimate for hail damage and was needed. I highly recommend them to anyone needing their roof replaced!


Kelly R. - 8/2/2011
Excellent Roofing and Siding contractor
I have recently had 3 rental properties damaged by recent hail storms. I contacted several companies to come and give me estimates for siding, Roofing, gutters, paint, and more. Of the several companies I contacted, to only did Roofing, three were Storm Chasers who claim to be local but in fact turned out ( through research and much investigation) to be out of state companies that use subcontractors. M&R Roofing were totally professional and did everything they said they would do and even worked with my insurance company to finalize all three claims. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs Roofing / siding work. Great job guys.