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Residential  ReRoofs & Repairs:

What Is Residential Roofing? ​

A roof is so much more than the sum of its parts, in fact, a roof is an integral part of a home’s elevation and its curb-appeal. It should have just the right style, quality, durability; to be able to with-hold all weather's elements and be an expression of the family that lives underneath it!

And when it comes to maintaining your roof face it, a Colorado is very used to strange weather! And especially with 365 days of sunshine our roofs can take a beating! There is heat one day, rains and snow the next…and lets not forget hail season will be upon us soon! Its not a surprise that these element breaks down the metallic granules on the shingles which retards their water resistance, and then they end up in your yard. An asphalt roof can form bruises, or dark looking spots where the granules have been knocked away. You may also find holes, missing shingles and cracks in the roofing system. If these are not repaired right away, water leaks might occur, which can lead to mold formation and wood rot. These can eat away at the structural integrity of your home, which in the end could lead to a roof collapse.

What signs to watch for when it comes to Weather & Water Damage:

  • Missing shingles or other roofing materials
  • Dark spots or dented asphalt shingles
  • Dents on gutters, flashing, or vents
  • Check the gutters or downspouts for metallic granules
  • Cracked or broken tile, concrete or slate shingles
  • Water damage or leaks inside the property

​​Your roof is a critical investment. It’s not just something to keep the rain off your head. It protects your family from the elements, and provides ultimate peace of mind throughout the years. That is why M&R Roofing, Inc. is so committed to consistently producing the highest quality workmanship, and establishing a close relationship with our customers that is built on trust, honesty, conviction, integrity, and professionalism. Your experience will be one in which you’ll be informed of all options that best fits your situation, and an unparalleled guarantee of products, workmanship, promptness, and of course price.

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Shingles, Shakes, Stone Coated Steel, Concrete Tile, Clay Tile, Metal Roofing, Wind & Water Damage Heat Cable, Window Replacement, Siding Replacement & Repair

Residential New Construction Products

  • All Shingles
  • ​Synthetic Slate and Shakes
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Concrete tile
  • Clay tile
  • Metal Roofing
  • Wind Damage
  • Leaks
  • Ice Dam Abatement
  • Ice and Water Shield
  • Heat Cable
  • Window Replacement
  • Siding Replacement & Repair

  • All ​Shingles
  • Synthetic Slate and Shakes
  • Tile
  • Blown- In Fiberglass Insulation
  • Shakes
  • Metal
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Concrete tile
  • Clay tile
  • Metal Roofing

Shingles, Tiles, Shakes, Blown-In Fiberglass, Metal, Stone Coated Steel, Concrete Tile, Clay Tile and Metal Roofing

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